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Windchime (BNNUY02)

Category: CTRLs
SubType: BNNUY02
Rarity: Common

All BNNUY02 have a Windchime. Windchimes must have both a discernable "bell" and a "tassle" but there's a lot of leeway around how those pieces can be drawn! Furin as well as other types of windchimes are all valid for this trait. Some windchimes with multiple "bells" or "tassles" may still be considered standard if they resemble real world windchimes. They can be no larger than half the height of the character with out the non-standard shape trait.

Windchimes are also attached and don't float next to the character - because this may mean they aren't immediately visible on a reference image, they may be drawn alongside the character as a part of their masterlist image.

Glowing Windchime

Glowing Windchime

Category: CTRLs
Rarity: Premium

This trait is perfect if you’re looking to add that extra spark to your windchime, or if you have a BNNUY02 whose job requires working in dark environments. A glowing windchime projects a small amount of light around it, and its level of glow can be used to indicate different statuses.

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