Presents: Churble Traits

Churble Mascot

Churbles are an avian species that get their name from the unique chime-like tails. 

Churbles come in an array of different shapes, from round to oblong - even geometric at times. However, they can be recognized by their cooling pocket bellies and ‘ ovo ‘ faces. Researchers have noted that it is somewhat reminiscent of a bell. 

While capable of flight, Churbles have a rather odd means of descending from the sky. By holding their wings out, they ‘whirl’ down. Surprisingly, they do not get dizzy from this. 

Churbles are playful creatures and communicate through a mixture of bird-like chirps and shaking their tail bells. Another means of communication is via heir head movements, as Churbles can rotate their heads 180 degrees around.

Churbles also love shiny things. Even the most well-trained Churble cannot resist the sparkle of a free trinket. It m u s t be theirs.

Common Rare Premium Epic

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These are the base traits to get started with your design!

Bell Chime

Bell Chime

Optional Mods

Of course, besides the necessary things, there are a number of optional mods that may may be used as well to really set yourself apart from your peers!

Large Bell

Large Bell