Presents: All About MYOs

A Make-Your-Own (MYO) Slot gives you the ability to make an AW0005 (or Holo)!

No matter the rarity of the MYO, traits are limited to your selected subtype.

MYO Types:

Common (CMYO)

Common Traits

Standard (SMYO)

Common or Rare Traits

Epic (EMYO)

Any Rarity Traits

What about Holo MYOs?

Holo's slot types only determine the Holo type it allows you to create.

Allows creation of a HOLOBOT


Allows creation of a HOLOBUDDY

What are Random MYOs?

RMYOs are common MYOs but with a few specified higher rarity traits that are randomly generated with very specific guidelines (ie "More than two Eyes" trait, the main set of eyes must be blind).

These MYOs are currently only sold occasionally during events.

Can I Upgrade my MYOs?

Alba's Shop sells a MYO Upgrade. This item can be used on any Common MYO to make it a Standard MYO, regardless of how it was acquired

She also sells a Holo Upgrade, that similarly allows for upgrading a HoloBOT slot, or an existing HoloBOT to a HoloBUDDY.

How do I get them?

Member MYOs (MBR)

Each year, you can buy 2 Member MYOs at 400cc from Alba's Shop.


Alba's Shop sells MYOs (and other items) for CCs.

You can also purchase items for USD in the Discord server.

Birthday MYOs (BDAY)

A Common MYO with a floating trait of any rarity. These are granted on the first of the month by your birthday, and only one can be owned at a time.

Raffles, Trading, etc.

Occasionally we do raffles in the Discord server, and other users may offer their MYOs up for trade.

Donation Tree

The Donation Tree has MYOs (and other items) available for free, as donated by other players.

MYO events

At least once a year we host a MYO event. During these events you can fufill a series of requirements to get a free Common MYO.