All About MYOs

A Make-Your-Own (MYO) Slot gives you the ability to make your own AW0005 (or Holo)!

What are the types of MYOs?

There are three main types of MYOs!
No matter the rarity of the MYO, they are all limited to traits within your selected subtype!

Common (CMYO)

Common Traits

Standard (SMYO)

Common or Rare Traits

Epic (EMYO)

Any Rarity Traits

What about Holo MYOs? Holo Guide

There are only two types of Holo MYOs
Holo's do not have traits limited by rarity, so it's just a matter of which type you're making.


Allows creation of a HOLOBOT


Allows creation of a HOLOBUDDY

Can I Upgrade my MYOs?

Alba's Shop sells an item called the MYO Upgrade. This item can be used on any Common MYO to make it a Standard MYO, regardless of how it was acquired

She also sells an item called the Holo Upgrade, that similarly allows for upgrading a HoloBOT slot, or an existing HoloBOT to a HoloBUDDY.

How do I get them?

Member MYOs (MBR)

Each year, you can buy 2 Member MYOs at 400cc from Alba's Shop.

Birthday MYOs (BDAY)

Once a year on during your birthday month you'll be granted a BDAY-MYO.
BDAY-MYOs are special in that they are a Common MYO with a floating trait of any rarity.

Right now these are exclusive to the Discord Server, but we're hoping to automate them in Lorekeeper soon!


Alba's Shop sells Standard and Epic MYOs, at 1000cc and 35000cc respectively.
You can also purchase MYOs (and other items) for USD from the Discord server, but we're also hoping to move this into Lorekeeper eventually as well!

Donation Tree

The Donation Tree has MYOs (and other items) available for free, as donated by other players.
The donation tree has a two week cooldown though, so you'll want to be choosy about what you grab!

MYO events

Twice a year we host MYO events on the Discord Server (and advertise elsewhere). During these events you can fufill a series of requirements to get a free Common MYO. Usually designing for these events is timed.

Raffles, Trading, etc.

There are also a myriad of other ways to acquire a MYO. Ocassionally we do raffles in the Discord server, and other users will also offer their MYOs up for trade.

Finding Your Owned MYOs

While logged in, you can click on the AW0005 logo, which will take you to your dashboard.

That page should display some of your owned MYOs, or you can click the link in the sidebar of that page (screenshot on the left) to get to the entire list.

How do I use one?

Once you've selected a MYO you want to use, you'll want to click on the link shown in the screenshot on the left, and hit "Create Request".

This will open up a new page with 5 tabs.
You have to go through each tab and fill it out before you can submit the design as a whole.

Hitting save on each of the tabs will save your draft and you're welcome to work on it over multiple days.

The design won't be submitted to us until you hit the "Submit" button on the first tab.


You don't have to put anything in this section, you can just hit submit, but if you have any written notes you want to include to explain your design or why you're picking the traits you did, or links to additional images, you're welcome to put them here.


This is where you'll add any traits or items that you are using on top of the MYO in exchange for the final list of traits on your design. They'll be consumed only once the design is approved.

Digital Form

This is where you add the main image for the masterlist and traits!

  • Your masterlist image can be unclothed with ken-doll-esque anatomy.
  • We prefer a clothed version of your design, and either an unclothed image or separate partial references be provided via link in the comments section for trait verification.
  • If you have multiple reference images, please either provide links to the additional images via the comments box.

If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask!

Can I Re-Design my AW0005?

Since they're forms are able to be augmented, it's not uncommen for an AW0005 to change up their looks by acquiring new traits, or even have multiple forms with different traits! This means as long as you have the trait item for it, you are always welcome to re-design your AW0005, and they will always keep access to the prior traits they had as well. The only restriction is that they are still recognizable as the same character.

You can start a re-design request the same way you submit a normal MYO!