Terms of Service

The below is a universal Terms of Service for the following closed species: AW0001BNNUY02, and Holobot/Holobuddy, as well as the following open species: Pahffles, and Churbles (henceforth collectively referred to as AW0005).

Aw0005 is an Art Roleplaying Group (ARPG). The group is casual, and players are not obligated to participate in the group activities.

Below you'll find more information on Aw0005, including design usage as well as design transfers. 

By joining Aw0005, you agree and understand that you have to abide by rules set by the Owner and team.



  • Aw0005 refers to AW0001, BNNUY02, and Holobot/Holobuddy closed species created by WENZ (Creator), as well as the Pahffle and Churble open species created by Chrimme. AW0005 is owned by Moif (Owner).
  • AW0005 are for personal use only.
  • You may not create a closed species Aw0005 without a Make-Your-Own (MYO) slot.
    • This does not include the open species named in line one of the overview
  • AW0005s reserves the right to deny services to anyone.
  • AW0005 art assets (including but not limited to items, shop art, trait art and NPCs) should not be copied, traced, edited, or used outside of the context of the website or in the creation of other art. 

Participating in AW0005

  • You must be over 18 to join and participate in Aw0005. If you're under 18, you will be banned from the group until you're verifiably 18 or for a period of 8 years if we are unable to verify.
  • You and your designs will be grandfathered in if you joined before the AW0005 18+ rule. You may not enter the AW0005 Discord server until you turn 18.
  • You do not need to have an Aw0001 or BNNUY02 to be active within the group.


Credit for the Species

  • The Owner should be credited for the AW0005 species, and all included sub-species.
    • The above does not refer to Toyhouse creator credits, which may optionally be assigned to the "AW0005" account.
  • All adoptable designer rights must be assigned to the correct individual.
    • A MYO must give the designer (self or commissioned artist) as the designer.
    • All Guest Artist designs must be tagged back to the original designer.


Design Use

  • Aw0005 is for personal use only.
  • Co-ownership of AW0005 is not allowed.
  • You may use your AW0005 in any setting or world and are welcome to make AU/Alternative forms for your AW0005. AU/Alternative forms will not be considered official or accepted in group activities.
  • You may choose to make an AW0005 using an existing design as the base.
    • Credit for the AW0005 species should be given to the Owner.

Official or Guest Artist (GA) designs will follow the GA's Terms of Service. The designs fall under the terms stated below if there is no ToS provided by the GA.

  • Paid Designs: May be resold, gifted, or traded.
  • Resale value increases if commissioned art** is included
  • Free/Traded art does not count to the value.

Commissioned art is specified as any art paid for in real-life cash or virtual currency with a static, confirmable exchange rate. Commissioned art must be of your AW0005-specific design. If you create your own art for your AW0005 and have established commission values then this may also count under this rule.



  • Art from avatar/character makers/AI/Generated Art (ex. GaiaOnline, PicCrew, ArtBreeder) is never permitted. Art must be your own.
  • The use of free bases or bases you have purchased the rights to use is permissible.
    • You must credit the base artist when showing off masterlist art made with that base.
  • Traced or Stolen art is never permitted.
  • The usage of celebrity or existing Intellectual Property (IP) in your CS design is not allowed


MYO Slots

  • You may not make an Aw0005 without the appropriate Aw0005 MYO or other associated slot types, unless stated otherwise (aka our Open Species)
  • MYO Slots do not expire


Design Resales, Trading, Gifting

The use of Aw0005 as trading fodder, or creating MYOs purely with the intent to sell as adopts (without prior permission as a GA), is discouraged.

Aw0005 design permissions are tagged as Sale, Trade, Gift, or a combination of the three. All transfers must be notified on this website. This website will note whether an Aw0005 may be traded or resold in the "Trading and Reselling" section. Reselling only applies to realworld currencies (ie USD), Trading is inclusive of trading for this or other Closed Species currencies or items.

Free Designs

  • Inclusive of prizes, gifts, trades, or free MYOs, may not be resold for monetary value but can be gifted or traded.
  • You may only sell such designs if:
    • There is other commissioned art.


Removal/Redesign of AW0005

Players may choose to remove their characters from Aw0005s by informing the Owner and team. On occasion, the Owner will ask to repurchase the design instead of voiding it.

  • Official designs:
    • Must go through the Creator for permission. 
  • Guest and MYO designs:
    • Must obtain permission from the original designer.

You may bring removed designs back into the species. These designs will be assigned a new MYO number and require a MYO ticket & appropriate traits.

While we don't ask for trait removal redesigns as a part of voiding, if a design contains elements that are considered unique to the AW0005 universe (Including but not limited to our unique flora, fauna, or accessory items), the AW0005 team may request that these elements be removed from the design before voiding occurs.

Players may choose to redesign their characters. These redesigns may be Minor or Major as indicated below. Any Trait changes with respect to these redesigns will require the appropriate items. MYOs are free to be redesigned but Official and Guest Artist redesigns have different permissions.

Minor Redesigns:
Must have the same traits as the existing design. You cannot modify or choose different traits even if they are in the same rarity category.

Faces/Head Features must remain identifiable as the original design.

  • These features fall under Minor Design Changes:
    • Hairstyles, Color Palette changes, Leg Design changes, Arm changes, etc.
    • You must unlock the appropriate Trait prior to trait changes.

Major Redesign:
Allows for a complete re-haul of the design, but this design must follow the trait rarities available to the design.

Face / Head Features must still remain identifiable as the original design.

Official and Guest Artist Redesigns

  • Minor redesigns are allowed.
  • Major redesigns are not allowed as a replacement of the existing design (meaning new additional forms are ok).
    • The team may on a case by case basis, issue a ticket with the same number of traits if a significant redesign is wanted. Traits for this ticket are not usable on other designs.


  • Major or minor redesigns of our Guest Artist AW0005 depends on the GA's ToS. If they do not have one, then re-designs are not allowed.
  • You may however create alternate forms for the design.

Please note that if you are trading in a Guest or Official AW0005, the design may be raffled, gifted, or resold. 

Additional Note 
We also want to remind everyone that changing an aspect of your design in a fashion that could hurt a minority group or culture should not be done; this includes but is not limited to lightening a design's skin tone.

If you find your desired redesign may cross over this line or are unsure and prefer to be safe - you may wish to obtain a new MYO slot or trade the existing design for an MYO Slot with equivalent traits. We want to assist you in making your dream designs without causing harm to others, even if unintentional. AW0005 aims to build an inclusive community, and part of this is helping others understand when something could be harmful and working together to learn and find a path forward. We thank you for and appreciate your understanding.



  • Payment is taken through PayPal (USD) unless stated otherwise. 
  • You may also use our In-Game-Currency (Card Credit (CC)) to purchase items.
  • You may trade or gift CC to other users. CC is not sellable for real-life cash.
  • Payments are to be made within 24 hours unless otherwise discussed.
  • Sales are final, and there will be no refunds. Buybacks may be discussed but are unlikely.
  • Trait changes, the retirement of traits, or changes to the species are not retroactive. No refunds are given for such a situation.
  • Charge-backs will result in an automatic blacklist and revocation of ownership of the design.
  • Blacklisted individuals will not be allowed to return to the group. Their MYO designs will be retired and not eligible as part of the species even if purchased by a non-blacklisted party.


Conduct within the Group

Bringing up Concerns

Please feel free to bring any and all concerns to the moderation team via our ticketing system. This includes any user or hacker-related statements/warnings. Some of these may be hoaxes, and we want to make sure you get the correct information.​

Member Conduct
  •  We are an LGBTQIAP+ friendly server and CS.🏳️‍🌈
  • Be civil and polite to each other, even if you don't get along with the other party. Please respect people's boundaries. 
  • We have a range of people from different cultural and country backgrounds and ages; this may shape how they type and perceive the world. Always be respectful and ask for clarification if you're unsure of what's being said.

Content Guidelines

The AW0005s server is a community server, and while we aim to be a fun group that allows for plenty of non-AW0005 content discussions, certain topics or extended conversations may be considered off-topic and be asked to be taken to DMs, including but not limited to:

  • Extended conversations about other Closed Species - some light conversation directly about a closed species, or discussion of characters in another closed species is acceptable.
  • Discussion of potentially triggering subjects (ex., suicide, mental health)
  • Excessive NSFW - while this is an 18+ server, we'd prefer to not be a host for porn or images with genitalia.
  • Excessive Gore - When posting things related to blood/gore, please spoiler the image and indicate why the picture is spoilered, and avoid posting images that have a high level of detail to the gore or of extreme injuries.

Harrasment / Abuse
We do not stand for harassment of any form. Transgressions in this category can result in a two strike warning. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Targeting users for making off-brand AW0005 or making unsolicited offers on designs, slots, or traits belonging to other members
  • Giving feedback or crit without another member's explicit go-ahead. 
  • Tracing art, stealing art, or art bashing without permission from the original creator of the art bashed images.
  • Comments regarding negative perceptions of yourself, your art, your MYOs or items, or compliment fishing.
  • Bragging regarding adopts or obsessive monitoring of any Aw0005-related payment.
  • Any form of begging another user for Art, Items, Designs, or otherwise.
  • Scamming behavior such as low-balling, ghosting a trade or mis-representing value.
  • Site abuse, ie actively taking advantage of mistakes / bugs in the system to acquire currency, items, and/or characters in an illegitimate way.
    • Discovering mistakes or bugs by "using" them once or twice and then good-faith reporting to the staff team is not considered rule breaking.
  • Mini-Modding (aka when member acts like a member of our staff without being one).
Advertising of non-AW0005 related adopts, art, character purges, and all similar should be kept to commissions-and-ads in the discord server.
Direct CS advertisement is on permission basis, please feel free to open a help ticket via self-service-portal in the discord server to request permission!
Affiliates are granted implicit permission to advertise their species. Reach out to the Owner if interested in Affiliation.

Warning System

You will be given up to three formal warnings if you break specific rules frequently, actively engage in drama with other members in this server, or cause harm to other outside members in a way that could affect our community.  

We do not monitor and will not monitor what our members post or do to their designs outside of our sphere (Discord, Toyhouse).

We reserve the right to remove you from the community immediately if you eggregiously violate our rules. The following is an example of things that could result in your removal:
  • Abuse or harassment of our moderators in ANY form. 
  • Starting fights with our moderators or owner.
  • Posting explicit NSFW content.

Strike Forgiveness

Strikes may be dropped from your record a year from when they were added. It is the responsibility of the user to request of the staff team that the strike be dropped. If a user has more than one strike they must wait a minimum of an additional six months between dropping further strikes regardless of when the strike was acquired.

Discord Conduct

AW0005 has a Discord where members may meet and interact with each other. All of the rules above also apply to the Discord.
Last updated: 29 May 2024, 6:57:36 PM UTC