AW0005 affiliates are considered crossbreed compatible!
Ability to make Crossbreeds is still dependent on being able to get approval from the other species as well - please be sure double check their requirements.

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Celestial spirits, born from a stellar explosion, this species can have an astronomy or astrology theme! We are kemonomimi, feral, and Anthro friendly

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Living weapons created from recently-deceased humans through the magic of a fallen star. Granted ageless immortality and the ability to remove their heart from their chest, transforming it, too, into a weapon, they're navigating an otherwise-ordinary future with all the difficulties, daily and philosophical, of a life without death, but with a lot more violence.

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Note:: Kyrlicht CB are currently limited to Official / GA adopts only until they are able to release their own CB item! Kyrlicht are a type of magic creature that reside deep in their home realm, the Wildwood. They are able to be summoned by humans (and other humanoids!) to form contracts, that ultimately will allow them to increase their own access to magic. When a Kyrlicht reaches their full potential, they are able to ascend and become gods, so called "patrons".

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Aemones are humans who have decided to venture into the digital world by using the newest technological innovation - plasma! Join us today (^0^)ノ💿✨