Presents: AW0005 Requirements

Common Rare Premium Epic Crossbreed

Starting with some basics - All AW0005...

  • Can be Anthro or Humanoid or any combination of the two
  • Can not be feral, they must be bipedal
  • Can have any simple skin or fur color
  • Can have multiple skin/fur colors with gentle gradients or hard edges
  • Can not have shiny or glowing skin/fur without a trait


The AI generated on AW0005™’s servers come in two main visual subtypes!

AW0001s were the first generation, and have wolf features with more obvious robotics.

BNNUY02s have joined the roster very recently and have bunny features and an affinity for plants.


Pronounced Controls, they are the primary interface by which AW0005 are able to configure their system, and do things like playing music through their speakers, or interacting with their cooling pockets displays.

  • BNNUY02's have windchime CTRLs that are attached by a string to somewhere on the AW0005 body. 
  • AW0001's have halo CTRLS that are primarily circular, and float very close to an AW0005 or are directly looped around a limb.
Circular Halo

Circular Halo (AW0001)


Windchime (BNNUY02)

CTRL Count

CTRLs are also limited in how many you can have on a single AW0005. The count allowed is directly correlated to which of the four traits you pick, one for each of our rarities.




Cooling Pockets

All AW0005 require at least one Cooling Pocket - an open space that helps regulate temperature. The open space is often customized to an AW0005 liking - they can be opaque, used to display a projection, or left transparent. Cooling Pockets can be located anywhere on the body except inside of the mouth, and should be at least as large as the AW0005s palm if flat, or half if wrapped around a limb.

Cooling Pocket Size

Cooling Pockets are limited by size across four traits on each rarity, but are not limited by count.

The minimum size of a cooling pocket is approximately the size of the palm of the hand while the maximum is the entire body!

For the most part, if you have multiple Cooling Pockets, you only need to pick the size trait that matches your largest Cooling Pocket. The one exception to this is if you have multiple whole limb Cooling Pockets, then you will need the "Large" Trait.






Thermosensors are what allows AW0005 to feel how warm or cold it is in the air around them. All AW0005 have them, but they can be very customized - almost as unique as a fingerprint! Thermosensors can also very slightly darken or lighten in color in response to temperature changes.

When designing, thermosensors should largely be "line-like / cable-like" - solid sections of color should be no larger than roughly the palm of a hand. 

Face and Eyes

By default AW0005 can have either anthro or humanoid faces! A few AW0005 opt to do things differently, however - Head category traits are permanent additions - they can not be taken off with an AW0005 hands.

All AW0005s can have fun shapes for their pupills, and even circles are considered simple shaped! This eye trait is usually required except if your AW0005 has the "No Face" or "Helmet" head traits.

Ears and Tails

Every AW0005 needs their ears and tail! Their ears in particular are usually the main marker of what subtype an AW0005 is.

Additionally any anthro features on an AW0005 should match the ear type chosen.

Their ears contain and protect their hearing sensors, while their tails help with balance, especially in heavier metal models like the AW0001.

Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears (BNNUY02)

Wolf Ears

Wolf Ears (AW0001)

Bunny Tail

Bunny Tail (BNNUY02)

Wolf Tail

Wolf Tail (AW0001)


All AW0005 come with some kind of appendage to walk on, and the ability to swap between Anthro or Humanoid shaped legs, no matter the material they are made of. Chosen subtype greatly affects what might be available for use, and anthro legs must match with subtype.

Fully Synth-Skin Legs

Fully Synth-Skin Legs (BNNUY02)

Fully Robotic Legs

Fully Robotic Legs (AW0001)