Presents: HoloBUDDIES Traits

HoloBUDDIES are an upgraded body of a HoloBOT and are somewhat "humanoid" in shape. These bodies are optional and require the HoloBOT enter a pocket in the HoloBUDDIES's chest or back to turn on. These maintain the personality of their original HoloBOT and can only be used by the original HoloBOT it was made for.

The HoloBOT may be detached from the body and the body will shut down when not in use.
HoloBUDDIES typically stand at 3 feet tall / 0.91 meters.

Common Rare Premium Epic

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These are the base traits to get started with your design!

Optional Mods

Of course, besides the necessary things, there are a number of optional mods that may may be used as well to really set yourself apart from your peers!