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Category: Optional Mods
Rarity: Crossbreed

This Trait requires the Crossbreed Trait Item and allows for the creation of an AW0005 Crossbreed expanding possible traits on a given design.

  • At least one Crossbreed Trait Item is required to make an AW0005 Crossbreed.
  • Crossbreed traits are limited to one of our Crossbreed compatible affiliate species and allows for adding one Crossbreed trait to a design. 
  • All Crossbreeds must be approved with the selected crossbred species as well. Please validate what you will need from the other species for approval on their side.
  • Crossbreeds must be approved with the affiliate species before final AW0005 approval - pre-approval can be obtained via the design submission process if needed
  • More than one crossbreed trait present on the design will require additional Crossbreed Trait Items.
  • Crossbreed Traits can only be used for traits that are required by the affiliated Crossbreed species, and does not allow for additional optional traits from their trait lists
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