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Non-Standard Shape

Non-Standard Shape

Category: CTRLs
Rarity: Rare

A Non-Standard shape is defined a little differently for each subtype.

For an AW0001 Halo,

  • Can be non-circular in shape, like a star, or a triangle
  • Can have gaps in the circle. Gaps should make up no more than about 30% of the halo.
  • Can have simple "attachments", like bows, veils or ribbons - windchimes however would require the Stacked or Connected trait.

For a BNNUY02 Windchime, they must have a string somewhere in the design still to allow for movement but otherwise:

  • Can be just a bell, or just a tassle-like item. 
  • Can have multiple bells tied together, or multiple tassles
  • Any combination of the above
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