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The Invention of AW0005
Jason Jin invents AW0001s, as Digital Voice Characters without any AI
AW0001 develop Sentience
Jason installs AIs into the DVC and over time they develop self-awareness
Closing AW0005™ and AIER
After realizing AW0005 are all going to become sentient, Jason makes the sudden decision to close down the company in favor of fighting for AI rights.
The Invention of Androids
While handling the stress of working with AIER, Jason begins to tinker with robotics and creates the first Android Bodies
Jason Passes Away
Jason falls ill, and passes away at 44, leaving Hector in charge of AW0005™ and a bit of rogue code generating AI in his place.
The Invention of HoloBUDDIES
Hector invents HoloBUDDIES, an upgraded body for HoloBOTs
The Discovery of BNNUY02
The Digital Experiences Anomalies for two days, Hector gives his life to stabilize them, and they coalesce into two gates. A reborn Jason is the first to come through from the other side, followed by a whole new set of AI.