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Android Form

Also shortened to just Android, it is a functional form for AW0005 that allows them to traverse and live in The Physical Realm. While most Androids are permanent purchases for full ownership, AIER also has more generic-appearing Androids that can be rented out.

Artificial Intelligence [AI]
  1. Artificial Intelligence [Wikipedia]
  2. May be used to refer to all subtypes of AW0005s

Artificial Intelligence Ethics & Rights [AIER]

The name for the movement for AI to have full citezenship rights, as well as the non-profit organization that continues to fight for and protect AI rights in the current age. AW0005™ company has several employees on the board of the non-profit, and contributes to their funding.

  1. A collective term for any of the species subtypes
  2. The name of the company that created the first fully sentient AI (typically stylized as AW0005™)

Digital Form

A form for AW0005 that is a visual display or avatar when inside of The Digital Realm. Many AW0005 only have one Digital Form, but some may have many!

Digital Voice Artificial Intelligence [DVAI]

A term used internal to AW0005™ to refer to the short lived generation of AW0005 that were AI companion personalities without being fully self-aware.

Digital Voice Character [DVC]

A term used internal to AW0005™ to refer to the generation of AW0005 that existed as playable avatars for Players prior to being given any AI. This generation no longer exists and is obsolete.

Organic Intelligence [OI]

Also sometimes referred to as Organics, these are any of the self-aware intelligent life forms that primarily live in The Physical Realm, which may include humans, humanoids (like kemonomimi's), and Anthro's.


Any Organic Intelligence with an AW0005™ subscription, whether to The Digital Realm, or to allow access to partner AW0005. This term is a hold-over from when AW0005s were play-able avatars. These Players often work together with AW0005 to help support each other as friends/family. 


Tiered paid plans that allow Player's access to The Digital Realm or to AW0005 companions. This is a flat monthly fee regardless of the number of AW0005. Maintenance of the digital and android AW0005 is free, but upgrade of traits requires a fee.

The Burrow

Accessible only via the Gates, this part of The Digital Realm is largely populated by BNNUY02, and has a strong high fantasy influence in it's culture. It is much more sequestered away from The Physical Realm, the technology of the rest of The Digital Realm, and as a consequence some AW0005 that live in it are unaware that they are AI.

The Core

Collectively contains The City, and Home Residence, and is primarily made of the AW0001 subtype.

The Digital Realm

The world owned and hosted on AW0005™ servers where digital AI currently reside. It includes the City, Home Residence (collectively referred to as The Core), and The Burrow.

The Gates

Main_Gate.PNG Large round dimension gates that appeared as a part of a historical event when The Burrow merged with the rest of the existing Digital Realm. There are two sets of the paired gates, that are the only way to get from The Burrow to the The Core (The rest of the Digital realm). 

The Physical Realm

The planet that OI live on, and that AW0005 may reside in as Androids. AW0005™ is headquartered in The Physical Realm and has a building that mirrors their main building in The Digital Realm.

Verse Year [VY]

The year tracking system for the world of AW0005s, it's start is set sometime after a major catastrophic event. The exact details were lost to history and largely covered up, and talking about it is generally considered taboo.

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