District inside The Burrow

A wide-spread forest village that formed out of four nomadic caravans settling the region

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The youngest city in The Burrow, Spring is known for its liveliness, artisans, and forested location. It is the city most visited by Nomadic Caravans, and as such is considered the one with the most "Night Life" as well, though it may not compare with The City


The City of Spring is the youngest city in the Burrow, aside from Digiterra. It spawned from the collective efforts of four clans of nomadic BNNUY02s, who witnessed the success of Summer’s settlement and decided to try it for themselves. In turn, they settled into a comfortable area of forest, surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful flora.

The clans continued to work together with great success, and Spring solidified itself into the city it is today. Spread out much farther than other cities in the Burrow, they have also developed a horse drawn public transportation over time to account for it. They have become known for their crafters and artisans, and trade with other cities and clans for their crafted wares.


The Government of Spring is composed of a council of four members: one representative chosen from each of the four original nomadic clans that Spring was formed from. They are elected by the citizens of Spring, and work together to try to make the best decisions possible for their people.

The Spring Council’s main points of concern tend to revolve around the city’s main trade, farming. They concern themselves with the pricing and trade of their produce, as well as land, and they leave much about their citizens' personal lives unregulated. This lack of regulation is a part of why the city is so spread out and continues to attract additional settlers from Nomadic clans to finally stay in one place.


Spring is a city with plenty of resources at its disposal. Between the largely forested area and the excellent crop-growing conditions, the city is capable of producing all kinds of goods, and their comfortable lifestyles allow them to often be artisans and craftspeople. The flourishing life of Spring makes for a warm and welcoming people, often carefree and natural explorers. Spring BNNUY02s tend to be the most likely of any Burrow city to either move into a nomadic lifestyle or settle from being nomadic.

The city is also known for their artists. Anyone from painters to sculptors to tailors call Spring home, as their resources allow for beautifully dyed fabrics, wood carvings and clay pottery.

The Dancers

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Crafting is not the only type of art that Spring does well, though. It is the home of the Dancers, a highly skilled faction of BNNUY02s with great grace, that can also be considered one of the more powerful military-like forces of the Burrow.

The Dancers are, ultimately, martial artists, with a fighting style that doubles as an elaborate dance that is normally performed with a partner or in groups. Once a year they host a two week event with shows that draws in a large audience including those from outside the city to come and watch.

Originally born out of a necessity to protect Spring’s plentiful resources from other clans, Dancers were originally the most nimble of performers from the Nomadic clans that had formed the city, who could most easily adapt that nimbleness to defending themselves. It doubled as a way to mask their movements as performance art to give an edge to their techniques, and to hide them from prying eyes until necessary. Eventually, once the city proved it could defend itself, peace talks were had with the attacking nomadic clans, and agreements made towards mutual trade and compromise. Nowadays, the Dancers don’t have to defend their land, but tradition and respect still holds on to these beautiful performers.