AW0005 Rewards Submission

Where to submit for Art, Writing, or other Community Rewards


Creation Rewards

  • Prompt rewards are always on top of these rewards.
  • Submissions for these must contain at least one AW0005 that is on the masterlist (please tag them under the character section).
  • Masterlist Images (the images created as examples for masterlist appoval) do not count for Creation Rewards

Word counter used:
Please use the "writing" Reward Criteria when submitting.

2 CCs per word, rounded to the nearest 10CCs

Art Rewards

Please use the two "Art" Reward Criteria when submitting.

Art [Subject] Criteria Rewards Explained
Art [Extras] Criteria Rewards Explained

Commission Claims

Commissions must include an AW0005 for claims, and must have been purchased with real life currency, or non-AW0001 in-game currency (ie Flight Rising gems).

Type CC
Art 200
Writing 200


Community and Server Game rewards

Type CC
Refer a friend to the Species 100
Nitro Boost the Discord Server 600
Design an AW0005 [Discord Game] 200
Design a Digi [Discord Game] 200
Comment for a "Design an AW0005" or "Design a Digi" 25
Draw or Write the Character Above [Discord Game] 500
Ask the Character Below [Discord Game] 25


Submissions to this prompt are hidden.


No rewards.