AW0005 Rewards Submission

Where to submit for Art, Writing, or other Community Rewards


Creation Rewards

  • Prompt rewards are always on top of these rewards.
  • Submissions for these must contain at least one AW0005 that is on the masterlist (please tag them under the character section), unless otherwise specified for a prompt. 
  • Writing / Art must be roughly lore compliant. While we won't nitpick every little part of your story for canon compliance, it should stay within the overall vision of the species, particularly where they come from and their capabilities.
  • Masterlist Images (the images created as examples for masterlist appoval) do not count for Creation Rewards
  • Please provide direct non-discord links for art, and either direct non-discord links for writing, or paste it into the prompt's comment box
    • Need a place to host your art? We suggest using which lets you host images on your own google drive.

Word counter used:
Please use the "writing" Reward Criteria when submitting.

2 CCs per word, rounded to the nearest 10CCs

Art Rewards

Please use the two "Art" Reward Criteria when submitting.

Art [Subject] Criteria Rewards Explained
Art [Extras] Criteria Rewards Explained

Accessory Bonus

If your character owns an accessory item in their inventory, and you include it in your art or writing of them, you get a 50cc bonus!

To qualify the accessory does need to be somewhat prominently featured in the piece. For art this means it needs to be easily identifiable as the accessory, and not just a small portion peeking behind other parts of the piece. For writing, while extreme descriptions of the accessory aren't necessary, it should still have more than a passing mention, with characters either focusing on the item in some way in the story, or by being described in the process of setting a scene.


Commission Claims

Commissions must include an AW0005 for claims, and must have been purchased with real life currency, or non-AW0001 in-game currency (ie Flight Rising gems).

Type CC
Art 200
Writing 200


Community and Server Game rewards

Design a "blank" comments and Ask the Character Below are the only rewards where we would prefer a direct discord link for redemption.

Type CC
Refer a friend to the Species 100
Nitro Boost the Discord Server 600
Design an AW0005 [Discord Game] 200
Design a Digi [Discord Game] 200
Comment for a "Design an AW0005" or "Design a Digi" 25
Draw or Write the Character Above [Discord Game]
Meme the Woo Above [Discord Game]
Add to a Draw Together Piece [Discord Game]
Ask the Character Below [Discord Game] 25


Submissions to this prompt are hidden.


No rewards.