Pahffle Racing Flair

Ends: 1 October 2023, 12:00:00 AM UTC (2 days and 6 hours from now)

The infamous Pahffle race is indeed making a comeback! Exciting isn’t it?


The Pahffles are on it again! Who is going to get tangled in their extra long poof? Is someone going to roll their way to victory?
You have 2 options! Come and see or keep wondering and miss out!

Help us add new pieces of flair to our racing bot game!

The Pahffle Game operates on substitution - please use “main”, “1”, “2”, “3” to refer to where Pahffle names should be substituted in. “main” refers to the Pahffle whose position is changing, and the numbers refer to the other Pahffles in order that the main Pahffles position will be moved around.

For example if you have a Pahffle whose gained 2 positions you might have a flair like: “Main just got a new surge of strength and has passed by both 1 and 2!” or if they lost a position: “1 stepped on Main’s toes, and managed to gain the lead!”

Please use the following format for each flair:

Positions Changed: [ie 1 gained or 2 lost]


Positions Changed: 0
Flair: Even as they keep looking like they'll lose their place {main} managers to pull back ahaead!
Positions Changed: -2
Flair: {1} and {2} played bumper cars with {main}, causing them to roll and fall behind!


The reward is 25cc per flair, feel free to submit multiple at once and make multiple submissions!

Submissions to this prompt are hidden.


Reward Amount
Card Credit 25
Purple Telescope 1