Digital Item Creation

Category: Lore
Ends: 1 December 2022, 12:00:00 AM UTC (5 days ago)

AW0005 can create small objects in The Digital


After AW0005 employees collaborated with BNNUY02s on their magic, both AI have found that they can make small objects in The Digital Realm, by imagining what it is they want onto a flat surface.

They’ve found the smaller and simpler the item created, the easier it is to achieve - even the less inclined could create a flat unmarked coin, as an example. No one had been able to make anything larger than about 5 by 5 inches so far, but most have been focusing on complexity rather than reach in their practice.

  • If you AW0005 learned about this new capability what would they create?
  • Do you think your AW0005 would have a hard time with this new ability, or would be quite skilled at it?


Reward Amount
Card Credit 100
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