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Ends: 1 December 2022, 12:00:00 AM UTC (5 days ago)

AW0005 are inseparable from their CTRLs and use them constantly every day. How does your AW0005 use theirs?


ALL AW0005 have at least one CTRL interface to allow them to interact with their own systems. They can provide messaging, directions, control of their volumes (hearing and speaking), and meta-information about the world around them. They allow for limited interaction with Cooling Pocket Projections, and for androids they also provide the ability to track their battery power, and synch with the AW0005 system when connected.

Halo CTRLs act like LED touch screens - they provide a small interface where details can be seen visually and interacted with. Halo’s with more interesting shapes - and therefore smaller screen surfaces, may instead function more like a digital keyboard, with different segments being buttons for interactions, and any information that would have been displayed on a screen gets communicated as their own voice inside the AIs mind.

Windchime CTRLs also rely heavily on this same voice communication, as they rarely have much screen real-estate. However their interactions are based more on motion, so AW0005s with Windchime’s will hold the chime securely in their hand and depending on how they then move that hand through the air will perform different actions, or access different information.

  • What does it look like when your Aw0005 uses their CTRL?
  • What’s their favorite functionality?
  • Is there a way they use their CTRL that they could never live without?


Reward Amount
Card Credit 300
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