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Inorganic Tail

Inorganic Tail (AW0001)

Category: Tail
SubType: AW0001
Rarity: Rare

While Inorganic tails have a lot of leeway in their appearance they must either resemble a wolf tail, or a metal inorganic object. Inorganic tails that resemble other species tails will also require the "Non-Species" tail trait. 

As Inorganic tail inherently contain a lot of metal, they are reserved for the AW0001 subtype, or with the appropriate upgrade. The outside of an inorganic tail must be made of a solid material (metal, plastic, porcelain, ceramic, etc). 

Mixed Organic / Inorganic Tail

Mixed Organic / Inorganic Tail

Category: Tail
Rarity: Premium

Due to the mixed nature of the tail type, it is usable with any AW0005 subtype! This trait does not include the type of the organic part of the tail, which must also be included as a separate trait.

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